What do you need to make a mouth cover? 

Here’s what you need: 

  • 3D printer (brand or model is not relevantbuilding space must be min. 110x140x60mm)
  • Material (for one mask you need ca. 70 gram of plastic material, PLA (not recommended / PET-G / ABS ) 
  • 2x rubber band / cord/ tie etc.
  • 1x pcs of fabric / fleece / 2 cotton wool pads or something ca. 70x70mm wide 

Und noch diese Dateien, die du hier runterladen kannst:

How do I print a mouth cover?

Download STL files of the mouth cover from Mundschuh.org websiteor if you have already downloaded this manual from the website, the files are included in the zip file.

We recommend positioning of the components as shown in Figure 1, to ensure the print is successful in the first runMultiple arregmentsarrangements (x2, x3) suggested once first run successful.

Recommended print settings:

  • Nozzle 0,4mm 
  • Layer hight 0,25mm
  • Infill 100% (Very citicalcriticalthe mouth cover mustbe airtight,by FDM process it is only guaranteed with 100% Infill)
  • Infill Pattern – ZigZag
  • Print of Support material must be activated!

The original mouth cover is designed for a grown person, 1,85m tallFor smaller user, the size of mouth cover should be reduced in slicing software (10-20%).

If threads are forming during printing process, we suggest using a hairdryer, set to highest temperature to blow-dry carefully all surfaces.  The heat will cause the threads to curl and allow easy removal using simple brush. 

How do I assemble a mouth cover? 

Now, when the parts are printed, they can be fit with rubber bands, which should be attached to eyelets on both sides. Simply, cut the bands and thread them throughThen tie a knot on them and that’s it.  

The filter is also simple. 

Take the mouth cover and place a piece of cloth/filter/material inside over the opening and push the insert inside (small square piece next to mouth cover on figure 1). When the insert is pushed flat to the inner side of mouth cover, it should not be able to move on its own anymoreIf all edges of the fabric are visible from the inside, then you have done everything right.  

Congratulations, your mouth cover is ready for use!!! 

What do you have to consider when wearing the mouth cover? 

It is an emergency cover, that exists as an alternative to commercially verified and certified products, and to be used in case of unavailability of proper-proved equipment.  

Therefore, above described mouth cover is not certified and has NO proven protective function. It should serve as an additional protective equipment, following all standard protective measures.   

Which are: 

  • KeepignKeeping distance from other people in open areas
  • Regular hand washing
  • Avoiding touching face
  • Regular disinfection of the mouth cover (see following paragraph)
  • Replace filtering material regularly, every 2-4h.

How to disinfect the mouth cover? 

Disinfection process should assure that accumulated viruses and bacteria are removed/killed, thus below 2 proven methods. After removing the filter material: 

1. Wash the mouth cover and the insert with soap water at the temperature of at least 60 °C. It can be placed in hot soap water bath (WARNING – boiling water will damage the mask) 

2. Clean or bathe the mouth cover and the insert in alcohol (min. 40% alcohol content). 

Special thanks: 

We would like to thank the original designer of the mouth cover. Their web site below:  


Legal Disclaimer: 

The mouth cover iNOT a personal protective equipment and do not claim to be such. It is explicitly not a mouthguard! Therefor it is not to be considered as a professional protective equipment.